Who We Are

We are a non-partisan political action committee dedicated to supporting the best candidates for the College of DuPage (COD) Board of Trustees.

We support candidates for the COD Board of Trustees who share the same values of diversity, inclusion and support the advancement of public education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the election of education-friendly board members in District 502 and advocate for education-friendly local politics while promoting the work of faculty members at the College of DuPage.

Our Purpose

Friends for Education is dedicated to supporting and electing public officials that work for pro-public education policy that centers on strong faculty. We believe that faculty are central to the health of strong educational institutions. These are the anchors of the community that serve one purpose: our students.

Our Beliefs

Diversity & Inclusion

Community engagement. Inclusive classrooms. Academic citizenship. Civil discourse. Diversity and inclusion. The need goes by many names—each with its own priorities—but the overarching theme at the heart of all of them is the same – fostering a strong campus community with inclusion across students, faculty and administrators.

Affordable Public Education

Many of the challenges facing COD today actually present new opportunities for enrollment growth, financial stability and increased service to our community. Throughout the state, declining community college enrollments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are coupled with decreases in state revenue, yet our widespread need for excellent, affordable educational opportunities has never been greater.

Faculty Development

We believe that every student deserves the best education we can offer.  We believe that every faculty member has the right to academic freedom, knows what is best for their students and should be able to teach how they feel fit without interference from administrators or board members.